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How do I choose the right eliquid nicotine strength?

How do I choose the right eliquid nicotine strength?

You have decided to make the switch to vaping, purchased a new vape kit and now you are ready to start your vaping journey. You feel good that you finally have control over your life and you are excited for a new beginning, but also have about a million questions about how to use your vape device.

An increasing number of questions surround the vaping industry today and one of the biggest that people new to vaping ask themselves is ‘What nicotine strength should I use?’

Choosing the right nicotine strength is vital for making a successful transition from traditional tobacco to electronic cigarettes. While selecting a weak nicotine strength leads to cigarette cravings, choosing a too high nic level can feel harsh on the throat and may lead to dizziness, headache or nausea. In both cases, the chances of you going back to smoking traditional tobacco are very high.

Most of the e-liquids available on the market come in 4 nicotine strengths to suit all vaping needs and preferences. For example, when making the switch, it is recommended that a light smoker should choose a 3 or 6mg e-liquid nicotine level and a heavy smoker 12 or 18mg.


                              0mg Suitable for people who quit smoking,


but still have an oral fixation


                              3mg Few cigarettes per day
                              6mg Half a pack or more per day
                             12 mg A pack of cigarettes per day
                             18 mg A pack or more per day


In conclusion, when choosing the right nicotine strength, you should always take into consideration the number of cigarettes you smoke or used to smoke daily. Over time, you will find it relatively easy to reduce your vaping nicotine level to zero. Vaping an e-liquid with 0mg or 3mg has the advantage of a better taste and a smoother nicotine level. However, don’t rush – it is advised to reduce the nicotine levels slowly and over time. Experiment using various devices and flavours; you will soon find a set up that suits you best. Compared to cigarettes, vaping gives you flexibility. Today, there are an endless amount of flavours available that suit all palates, ranging from standard Strawberry, Tobacco or Menthol to interesting and exciting blends such as Dessert or Drink flavours. Vaping allows you to experience something new everyday, and, once you start vaping, there is no going back.